John C. Bills Properties


Interior Build-Outs / Rehab & Renovation

After 35 years of developing real estate we at John C. Bills Enterprises recognize that the needs of each potential tenant are unique. Flexibility is the key to providing a well-suited space; and 'Flexibility is our Strength'. We will Subdivide, Modify, and/or Build-out our existing structures based on the tenants' need. Having our own in-house General Contractor in Presidential Construction Corp. provides us with the ability to accomplish these tasks in a timely and cost-effective manner. These jobs call for a team with a strong knowledge of space management, which can create an efficient finished product that maximizes space usage.

Examples of our work in this area include: WPBF Channel 25's broadcast facilities; Crossmatch Technologies' R&D; and product assembly facilities; and Anchor Commercial Bank's new banking facilities at Gardens Station. Presidential strives to construct interior finishes with as little interruption to business as possible. We completely re-constructed Channel 25's broadcast studio, with minimal disruption, and no downtime.

Rehabs and renovations can be the most difficult projects of all. Unlike new construction, these projects often have unknown pre-existing factors, that can impact the job. Only with thorough investigation, can time schedules and budgets be accurately estimated. An example of this type of work was our complete renovation of the Palm Beach Kennel Club, in West Palm Beach. Utilizing our experienced team, we were able to provide our clients with the desired results, in an appropriate time frame.

Specialty Construction / Industrial

Our staff is highly experienced in building-out space for companies in a variety of different industries, from industrial to technical. Often, jobs offer special challenges, such as difficulties with permitting and complicated safety requirements, with which many firms have little or no experience. Utilizing the highest standard of professionalism, we have successfully tackled the most challenging assignments, including an ABC-TV transmission tower. At 1,500 feet, it is the tallest of its kind in Martin County.